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Webinar #5 | Unconscious bias, labour protections and insolvency in the world of app-driven companies

 Wednesday, 26 August

 13:00 – 14:00

This session will discuss whether technology can be a way to improve diversity, offering access to the employment market to people who might usually be discriminated against.

We will first explore unconscious biases that affect the workplace. We will propose and discuss methods to improve diversity in the face of such biases and which promote equal treatment among employees.

The second goal will be exploring the challenges and perspectives of the use of technology to (i) reduce bias, (ii) ensure neutrality and (iii) open access to the employment market.

Despite the apparent transparency of its front office, the back office of app-driven companies is far more opaque. With client (big) data as its main asset, recourse on these companies in case of claims or bankruptcy is a challenge. This becomes even worse when in jurisdictions where independent workers are less protected in cases of insolvency. Looking at it from this perspective, are app companies effectively promoting diversity? If so, to what extent and who is paying for that? By considering these aspects we will examine the advantages and drawbacks of these new technologies from a diversity and solvency perspective.

AIJA Commissions:

  • Labour and Immigration Law
  • Insolvency

General reporters:

  • Katie Newbury, Kingsley Napley LLP, (United Kingdom)

  • Marine Simonnot, UGGC AVOCATS, (France)

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Thiago Amparo

Human rights lawyer, professor and consultant, Brazil

Afro-Brazilian human rights lawyer, with 10 years of experience in the
non-profit sector in the Global South. Solid experience with project
and team management, research and capacity-building activities..
Experience as consultant with foundations, including feedback
processes with grantees as well as studies on grantees’ strategies on
educational reform and racism in criminal justice system in Rio de

General reporters

Katie Newbury

Kingsley Napley LLP, UK

Marine Simonnot